Andrew Links

Keyboardist, Improviser, Educator, Composer

This was performed on April 14th, 2016 by Andrew Links on piano, Tyrone Allen II on bass, and Joe Parker on drums in Hatch Recital Hall at the Eastman School of Music. This trio also goes by the name "Sharkwood." 

The song "Sweet and Lovely" was originally composed by Gus Arnheim, Charles N. Daniels, and Harry Tobias in 1931, with arrangement by Andrew Links.

Mixing and Mastering by Louis Chitty.


This is a live performance by Oh Manitou at Wicked Squid Studios in Rochester, NY. 


LIVE in Rochester, NY (June 28th, 2016) @Flour City Station Sean Jefferson (drums & electronics) Andrew Links (keyboards & synths) Tyrone Allen II (bass & effects) 

This is one of my "avant-groove" projects called Sharkwood (the trio from the previous videos). These are demo recordings that are freely improvised.


This is my B3 Organ trio called Organzola, a group rooted in traditional jazz with reinventions of standard tunes and originals.


This is a recording of people playing Super Smash Bros Melee that I cut up and turned into drum 'n bass/ambient music using Audacity and the Nord Lead 4.